IT Management Firms Wanted!

The world of IT support is changing - and changing fast.

With every passing day I see increasing numbers of large IT companies pushing their way into small and medium-sized businesses and attempting to take them direct - and leaving the small independant IT provider out in the cold. In the last year I have personally seen a number of them going after my own best clients.

If that weren’t bad enough, many vendors in other ancillary technology industries like telecom, copiers, hosting, etc., are also trying to take clients direct with their various managed services or hosting offerings.

To top it off, small businesses are demanding ever higher levels of support and professionalism, forcing IT firms to invest large sums of money in their systems and software. And as more of our clients move to the cloud and virtualization, depending on who they use, we may increasingly lose control of many of our clients. Sadly, IT support is increasingly becoming seen as a commodity - and many IT support businesses and VARs will not survive the coming changes in our industry. I for one have bet my business on the fact that we can continue to grow, offer ever better levels of support to our clients, continue to invest in our systems and software – and attract the very best people.

  • Are you one of these people?
  • Do you have several clients that you manage?
  • Is your business something we should look at?

We are very interested in talking with IT support firms with either a strong book of business or really talented technicians and engineers – for the possibility of acquiring them and/or having them join our team at Sagacent Technologies.

If you’d like to talk, and perhaps make some money on what you have built, please email me at Click to email" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Click to email with "IT Management Firm" in the title or subject line.

Most sincerely,

Ed Correia
President & CEO
Sagacent Technologies, Inc.