Sagacent Technologies feels strongly about our duty to support our local community and world at large by sharing our resources wherever possible.

We believe that it is not only our responsibility to run a highly ethical company that cares for its clients and employees, but to also do our part to improve our environment be it through education, action, or financial efforts.

We seek to get involved in any highly effective organization which we believe have a strong positive impact on our local community, people and businesses alike.

Some examples of how we put this spirit into action include:

  • Seeking out worthwhile nonprofit associations that we believe make a real difference in our community and supporting them with our time and resources.
  • Getting involved in prominent groups and associations that not only seek to do good locally and beyond, but that actually do so.
  • Encouraging our employees to volunteer their time in community service.
  • Philanthropy

Some of Sagacent’s specially chosen affiliations include:

  • Pacific Autism Center for Education (PACE)
  • Rotary Club of San Jose
  • Youth Science Institute (YSI)
  • Tabard Theatre

We actively seek to learn more about other leading associations and civic institutions with a highly effective track record of making a difference and inspiring others to get involved. Please feel free to let us know about any worthwhile associations you may know of that fit this description.