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Sagacent Technologies is one of the areas leading expert IT Consulting firms. Our 13 years experience in the IT industry helps us discover weak points in networks and infrastructure that many business owners didn’t even know existed. These weak points lead to IT failure, resulting in downtime and unplanned expenses. It’s best for you to know what these issues are, and what you can do to prevent them. Our IT Consultation specifically focuses on six main areas:

  • Backup Analysis
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • Software Analysis
  • Documentation Analysis
  • Network Health Monitoring

“Sagacent Technologies offers a high-level method of improving and securing security, productivity, and security for company-wide network systems. They offer proactive technology assistance that will prevent high costs in the future.”

-Jane (Owner, Manufacturing Consulting Firm)

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{tab Backup Analysis}

Ensure that your important data is being backed up properly. In performing our IT assessments, we notice that over 40% of the time our client’s backups are either not running, forgotten, or are simply backing up the wrong data. This is a serious risk factor when it comes to preparing for your business’ preservation in the event of data loss. Our IT analysis will show you where you stand in data loss prevention.

{tab Anti-Virus Analysis}

Many networks have Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware in place, but 65% of the time that software is either disabled or out-of-date. If your virus, and spyware definitions are out of date, your placing your customer’s and business’ sensitive information at risk. Don’t let this be the reason your business gets hacked. Get it checked by a professional.

{tab Security Analysis}

In 90% of our assessments we find major security flaws. This is due to the fact that many networks do not have proper security in place, allowing anyone with limited computer knowledge to hack into them. Just having a firewall and anti-virus software isn’t enough. If not properly configured, they can be worthless. Things like encryption, port usage, user permission and up to date definitions are just some of the things we evaluate in our IT consultation, presenting you with all the opportunites to secure your network.

{tab Software Analysis}

Here our focus is on restoration software. Over 90% of the time, our assessments reveal a lack of software that would be required to perform a system recovery after a disaster. Even worse than that, about 30% of the time we do not find any software to restore from. Don’t get caught in the flood without an emergency plan. We can help!

{tab Documentation Analysis}

85% of our audits reveal no usable documentation of network configuration, administrative accounts, passwords or key vendors providing crucial services. If a major problem were to occur under those circumstances, there would be no instructions or direction for a solution. Having a resouce in place for this compiled information is crucial for business continuity. We will evaluate the measures currently in place, then if need be, present you with a solution for the future.

{tab Network Health}

In almost 99% of our checkups, we discover major hardware and/or configuration issues that were previously unknown because no one was aware of or even looking for the problem. We understand why these issues can sometimes be overlooked, and our unique expertise allows us to locate these flaws, correct them, and give you a superior network.


Along with a Free Network Assessment, you will also receive the care of our support and customer service team for any questions you have. We take pride in our superior customer service and support, but more importantly, our customers have been so satisfied with our services that they have shared many of their endorsements with us. See what they have to say with our client testimonials!