Manage All Of Your IT For One Flat-Fee. No More Surprise Cost!

Want to remove unexpected cost from your IT? How about keeping your entire network problem free? That’s what our managed it services can provide. Some of the elements included in our solution are:

  • 24×7 Network health monitoring
  • US based 24×7 IT helpdesk support
  • Backup monitoring & maintenance
  • Computer updates & software patches
  • Anti-virus updates & monitoring (& removal)
  • Multiple monthly onsite maintenance visits

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“I’ve been so impressed with the quality of Sagacent’s service. They listen very carefully, and ask great questions, to make sure they know what the client wants, then offer options and explain what they can do, or won’t be able to do, to make that happen. You can’t buy better service or more knowledge.”

-Kristy ( Director Marketing Firm )

“I would rate Sagacent an A+ in each of the 7 categories [in Sagacent’s Customer Service Survey]. The service we received from our former provider was unbelievable at times. I never recall our tech arriving on time before…generally it was anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks later than scheduled. Sagacent has indeed put customer satisfaction first and I really appreciate it. Thank you ”

-Linda ( Office Manager Insurance Firm )


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First we run a non-invasive diagnostic on your entire network. This provides us information such as operating systems used, software installed, last time passwords were changed, what updates have been/haven’t been installed etc… We then compile all this information together, review it and present you with our findings along with a no obligation quote.

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Once all questions are answered and the quote is accepted, our team begins to implement the solution into your infrastructure, keeping you posted on it’s progress and the next steps to be taken. When completed, we then test to ensure it’s working properly.

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After finalizing our solution, we continually monitor the state of your network, equipment, and backup condition to ensure maximum uptime. We also dispatch technicians on a monthly basis to physically check the condition of your network and equipment. By doing so, we minimize the probability of errors which increases overall productivity of your business.

Why Sagacent

Many small businesses use a technician (usually a self-employed one-man show) who is merely reactive. You call him (or her) AFTER something breaks. But Sagacent Technologies is proactive! We monitor your technology 24x7x365 and mitigate problems wherever possible.When something does happen we often resolve the problem before the client is even aware that there was a problem. And we’re faster at resolving problems because we KNOW your business environment.

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