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5 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft For Businesses

how to prevent identity theft online

Did you know that the U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that identity theft costs businesses globally $221 billion a year?

It is an expensive risk for businesses not to be prepared for hackers and identity thieves to strike. Moreover, it can interfere with the trust your consumers have for your business.

Criminals can seize a company's identity and subsequently use it to acquire credit, causing a slew of issues. Then, they will use the credit to make large purchases and damage the company's credit.

To stop these thieves from interfering with your business, here are five ways to prevent identity theft.

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The Rise of 5G Technology: What to Expect in 2019

the rise of 5G technology

Are you tired of streaming problems on your laptop and mobile devices? Your network could be configured incorrectly or you might just need more bandwidth.

Internet insiders predict that 5G will be arriving in the United States by the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019, capable of faster video streaming and lightning-fast upload and download times. New 5G phones are also going to help speed up virtual reality interfaces, work with self-driving cars, and provide faster texting speeds.

Read on to learn what 5G will mean for you and your business.

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Why Microsoft Wants to Get Rid of Passwords for Good

Microsoft passwords change offers alternative technology

"Password was incorrect, please try again." "Would you like to reset your password?" "Please enter the multiple-digit codes we have sent to your phone to authenticate this password."

Dealing with passwords can be inconvenient, frustrating, and downright annoying. Microsoft has been aware of this for quite some time.

In their latest update to Windows 10, Microsoft hopes to begin removing these frustrations from our lives.

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What You Need to Know About the Rise of Malvertising

beware of malvertising scams

Cybercrime is on the rise, but the days of criminals being part of a larger organization with a specific agenda are history. Today’s cybercriminals are now available to a wide variety of individuals and they treat their efforts as a business, one that provides services to clients. Not every cybercriminal focuses on a specific agenda. Instead, they are providing a service. Your company is now the target.

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5 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

WordPress security for your site

If you have a blog or website, then you are likely familiar with WordPress, which currently powers more than 30 percent of the top 10 million sites on the internet and 30 percent of all the sites on the internet. That is a large reach, but as users have discovered, WordPress comes with its own unique challenges. As cutting-edge technology increases, cybersecurity issues are on the rise and WordPress is not immune.

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5 Critical Areas to Address in Your Network Audit

critical areas for your network audit

Every business today relies on cutting-edge technology for its operations, from accounting to monitoring of inventory. With any part of your business, an audit can be a viable option to access your strengths, weaknesses, and compliance with the best practices of the industry. Network auditing, however, is specific to the technological aspects of your business.

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5 Major Cybersecurity Threats You Need to Know About

cybersecurity threats you must know

With cyber attacks on the rise, we're forced to pay more attention to cybersecurity threats on a daily basis for the safety of our businesses.

Whether you've been following what's been happening lately with cyber attacks or are new to this topic, keep reading to learn about cybersecurity threats you need to know about.

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3 Key Reasons Why Hosted VoIP Benefits Your Bottom Line

hosted VoIP benefits

Hosted VoIP is a system that allows your business to make calls over the Internet rather than over traditional phone lines.A number of businesses are adopting VoIP technology because it helps their bottom line.

Here are three reasons how VoIP will save you money. By the time you're finished reading, you'll be ready to join the masses of businesses making the switch to VoIP.S

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Network Backup Tips for Your Small Business

network backup tips

Losing your data can have an enormous impact on a small business - enough to force you close.

Around 60% of businesses that suffer a data loss are estimated to close after 6 months.

If you fail to prepare for data loss, you're putting your whole business at risk. If you don't feel you're IT literature, you might not know where to start.

With this in mind, we've got some network backup tips that your small business can put in place to reduce the risk of a total data loss.

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5 Most Common HIPAA Violations (and How You Can Avoid Them)

common HIPAA violations to avoid

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) exists to protect the confidential healthcare data of millions of American patients.

For violating HIPAA, fines can range from $100 to a staggering $1.5 million. So, it's important for your organization to ensure that violations are avoided.

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Top IoT Trends of 2018

iot trends of 2018

With over 20 billion connected devices around the world, it's no wonder many businesses are interested in the latest Internet of Things (IoT) trends.

Needless to say, the expectations are pretty high. Most experts agree that 2018 will be the year where IoT gets adopted in certain major industries. This is one of many factors that should lead to further investment in the IoT industry.

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5 Industries That Benefit From Managed IT Services

industries needing managed IT services

The information technology and data management industry continues to grow at a speedy rate. Nearly every aspect of daily life uses IT systems, including big industries like healthcare and legal.

Are you dealing with IT struggles in your business more often than you would like? Keep reading to find out how managed IT solutions benefit a range of industries listed below.

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When's the Last Time You Changed Your Passwords?

change your passwords

In this age of social media, Internet banking, and digital storage, it is important to do what you can to manage your security. Especially in light of the increasing number of data breaches and cyber attacks. These attacks are no longer focusing just on large companies and small businesses but affecting individuals.

According to the Pew Research Center, 64 percent of Americans have experienced some type of major data breach. The reality is that many Americans view cyber attacks as part of life. Still, research shows that most of us are failing to follow basic cybersecurity best practices in our daily lives, both personal and business.

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Can Blockchain Improve Cybersecurity for Your Business?

how blockchain affects cybersecurity

Data security is on the minds of many business owners, especially in light of the multiple breaches in January 2018 alone. These breaches are not limited to retail outlets but have crossed a variety of industries, including health insurance and credit reports.

In light of these breaches, it's fair to ask if blockchain could be the answer to addressing these security breaches. First, what is blockchain and how can it have an impact on cybersecurity for your business?

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Is Now the Time for Autonomic Computing in the Cloud?

autonomic computing in the cloud


By Ben Ferguson
Shamrock Consulting Group

Cloud computing may be the flavor of the month when it comes to super-scale Information Technology, but it’s not the only model that has been put forward as a viable solution to business' needs for scalability and economy.

Fortunately, autonomic computer systems could potentially remove one of the enduring flaws currently preventing cloud computing from delivering what it's truly capable of. 


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What You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

It seems everyone has their head in the cloud these days.

But what is the cloud? Many businesses still admit to being baffled by tech terms. Despite that, the take-up of cloud computing is still growing. In fact, 93% of organizations today are using cloud services. In light of that growing trend, companies are moving to a hybrid cloud. In 2016, 57% of organizations are on a hybrid cloud, versus 51% in 2015. With such growth, it's important to know what the future looks like in this growing aspect of technology.

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Why You Should Train Your Employees to Prevent a Security Breach

preventing a security breach

As a business owner, you owe it to your clients to keep their confidential information safe and secure. Unfortunately, breaches caused by employee errors are on the rise, making them the leading cause of data loss. Whether unintentional or not, a security breach can quickly lead to the downfall of your company.

According to an annual study updated in 2017, the average cost of an information breach in the United States is over $7 million.

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Digital Signatures are More Efficient and Secure

Digital Signatures are More Efficient and Secure

Your signature has a lot of power, particularly in the business world. Because of this, it’s curious to see how so many companies are moving over to the more digital alternative. In order to fully take advantage of digital signatures for your organization, you need comprehensive security measures that can reinforce the authenticity of your signatures.

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Tip of the Week: Surfing the Web, Securely

Tip of the Week: Surfing the Web, Securely

The Internet is often taken for granted, in both a professional and a personal capacity. You’d be hard-pressed to get anything done without it nowadays. This doesn’t mean it’s always safe to do so, however. There are many threats that lurk in the darkness of the Internet, and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself on the receiving end of them. We’ve put together some tips that can help you keep both yourself and your business safe while browsing the web.

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Recent Studies Show Cyber Attacks on the Rise

cyber attacks are on the rise

From "WannaCry" and "NotPetya" to the massive Equifax breach, cyber crimes are on the rise and have the capacity to cause devastating harm to the economy. According to a recent White House report, malicious cyber activity cost the U.S. economy $109 billion in 2016. Experts estimate that the global cost to the economy could be as much as $600 billion annually.

For attacks on the United States critical infrastructure, such as financial institutions, information technology or the defense industrial base, a cyber attack could threaten the security of United States citizens and the ability of the government to communicate essential emergency information.

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