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Easy Disaster Recovery

prepare_your_employees_for_disaster_with_a_business_continuity_planMost frequently, what stops businesses from operating are not the big things that immediately come to mind. It is not the earthquakes, fires, floods or tornados. Actually, it is much more likely that a business is interrupted by:

Employee Errors, Deletions or Vindictiveness:

  • 58% of downtime is due to human error.

Hackers, Viruses or Ransomware:

  • Small businesses of less than 100 employees are 15 times more likely to be hacked than large business.

Hardware, Software or Power Failures:

  • 25% of PCs will fail this year.
  • 24% of companies said they experienced a full data disaster.

Bottom-line, the average midsize company has 16 to 20 hours of network, system or application downtime per year 5 and 70% of small businesses that experience a major business interruption or data loss go out of business within a year.

Would you like to learn how to protect your business from the most frequent causes of downtime?
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Our lunch & learns ARE NOT A SALES PITCH, but rather a chance for us to show you why we are different and offer you the chance to meet other local area business owners, executives and CEOs, hear questions asked that you hadn’t yet considered, and come away empowered to decrease your risk and save money.