Buyer Beware

Don’t Expect Consumer-Grade Technology to Meet Your Business-Class Needs
used with permission from the Cisco Small Business Website

  • When you walk into a business meeting, do you wear pajamas?
  • Do you let your children manage the accounts receivable for your office?
  • When you buy business technology, do you choose products designed for home use?

The pricing on consumer-grade technology is tempting. But the lower price can end up costing your business dearly, in both productivity and cash.

Ways to Save Time and Money, by Not Going Home
“While you may be saving money now, you’re spending more in the long run,” says Austin Smith, founder of Digital Son, a Cisco Registered Partner.

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Understanding the Value of a Value Added Reseller (VAR)

used with permission from the HP Site

VARs have a variety of perceptions about them. Some of these perceptions are right on. Some of them completely miss the mark. The truth is the right VAR can help most businesses more than they realize. Can the right VAR help you?

Technology is critical to run almost every business today, and in most cases, can offer both competitive and strategic value to your business. The problem is many businesses don’t think about their PCs, printers or servers as providing a competitive advantage or as strategic business tools. Even as a fundamental business tool, many think that there is little difference in the basic capabilities across the huge variety of technology devices on the market today.

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