For most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the cost of an IT infrastructure is hard to justify. Trying to maintain your business’ computer hardware in-house requires major financial resources – and since hardware requires frequent upgrades and quickly depreciates, the costs continue.

Sagacent Technologies offers a better solution for its customers in Santa Clara County: HaaS (Hardware as a Service) provides them with a complete IT hardware solution in one straightforward, monthly plan.

HaaS from Sagacent Technologies offers:

  • Setup of software applications you need to do business
  • Ongoing software and hardware upgrades and fixes
  • Quick delivery of new computer systems when you need them
  • Simple, convenient monthly billing, rather than ongoing capital investments
  • 24/7 tech support as well as regular maintenance
  • The flexibility to scale with your business’ growth and future needs

Computer hardware is vital in today’s world, but most small businesses can’t rationalize the cost of constantly upgrading and doing ongoing maintenance on their business’ computer systems. For this reason, SMBs are at a serious disadvantage compared to bigger, better-funded organizations. But with recent advances in hardware purchasing options, Sagacent Technologies’ HaaS solutions allow smaller organizations the chance to keep their business’ computer hardware up to date and compete at a new level.

Our HaaS solutions allow you to escape from the frustrations of buying and maintaining your own computer hardware and focus your energies on building your business. You’ll benefit from improved productivity while your employees enjoy the opportunity to use the latest and best computer hardware. And if issues arise at any time, our Santa Clara County HaaS experts are nearby and ready to help.

Contact Sagacent Technologies’ Silicon Valley tech team today to learn why we’re the computer hardware and IT company Silicon Valley business owners choose when they’re looking for a quality HaaS provider.


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