More often than not when Sagacent performs a network checkup for a new client we find serious issues in six different but distinct areas:

  • No Backups - a little over 40% of the time, the backups are either not running, forgotten or simply miss-configured and backing-up the wrong data!
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware - often installed, but more often (about 65% of the time) disabled or out of date and thus largely ineffective.
  • Security - frequently not in place at all and leading to anyone with modest computer knowledge full access. Just under 90% of the time we find serious security flaws.
  • No Restore Software - it is extremely common (a bit over 90%) that we don't find all the software that would be required to perform a system recovery after a disaster. More alarmingly, about 30% of the time we cannot find any software to restore from.
  • No Documentation of Crucial Information - while this is extremely easy to rectify, more than 85% of our audits yield no usable documentation of network configuration, administrative accounts and passwords or key vendors providing crucial services. This means that were there a major problem there would be no instructions for fixing things.
  • No Health Monitoring - time and time again (almost 99%) Sagacent performs a Technology Checkup only to discover serious hardware or configuration issues that were previously unknown because no one was looking for the problem.

Wouldn't you like the peace of mind and confidence in knowing that everything is as it should be? Contact us today and schedule your business for a Technology Check-up.