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Don’t Sleep on These 4 Game-Changing Technologies

Don’t Sleep on These 4 Game-Changing Technologies

Your business has always used technology as a way to move forward and differentiate itself from other businesses, but you can’t take full advantage of the benefits that technology brings if you don’t take a chance with new devices. Here are four new technologies that may have exactly what you need to make a significant improvement in your business operations.

Smart Virtual Personal Assistants (SVPAs)
SVPAs are apps that make use of predictive intelligence as well as voice recognition to find specific information from personal data, like email messages, address books, calendars, and task lists. This has the potential to give your organization an efficiency boost. Apple, Google, and Yahoo have all acquired SVPA apps that can be used in their products, such as mobile apps and smart speakers. This type of technology can let people really hunker down and get work done, especially since they don’t have to remember tasks, and the fact that they will be given a sense of direction means they can finish tasks in an easier way.

Privacy and Security Technology
According to a poll by Pew Internet and Society, approximately 91 percent of consumers have, at some point, lost control of their personal data. Just look at these major data breaches as a starting point; Adobe, Dropbox, and Snapchat have all experienced huge password breaches, while major retailers like Target and Home Depot experienced credit card breaches. Of course, when big companies deal with data breaches, they enter damage control mode and spend millions of dollars mitigating public scrutiny from the media and consumers alike. To avoid this fallout, businesses tend to invest heavily in security solutions like encryption and two-factor authentication.

Internet of Things Devices
The Internet of Things has brought with it an immense number of connected devices, many of which have somewhat limited practical use in the modern office. Although, there are some devices like a connected coffee maker or a security camera system which can provide some value for your business. If you want to run a modern business, your organization shouldn’t fear the Internet of Things, and should instead focus on embracing it in a cautious manner.

Collaboration Software
Many software providers are hoping to take advantage of the increasing amount of collaboration that’s being done in the workplace, and they do this by making it easier than ever to communicate and work on projects together. Through the use of email, instant messaging, intranet solutions, and cloud storage, employees can take full advantage of one single platform for all of their communication needs. Some examples of these are Salesforce’s Chatter and Microsoft’s Yammer, but other apps like Facebook for Work could make some splashes in this industry.

With these four technologies, you could improve the way that your organization functions. Sagacent wants to help your business fully leverage the power of technology and improve your operations. To learn more, reach out to us at (408) 248-9800.



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Friday, 20 April 2018

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