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The Top 6 Technology Issues Plaguing Every Business

The Top 6 Technology Issues Plaguing Every Business

Despite what you might hear in the media, data breaches aren't the only IT-related issues that small businesses have to worry about. There are many other problems that you need to plan for, and they don’t all originate from hackers trying to steal your data. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems you might experience with your office technology.

BDR Issues
You don’t want to be stuck in a position where your business has to deal with data loss, and it’s even more frustrating if you haven’t prepared for such an event. However, small businesses may have smaller budgets, which limits how much they can invest into data recovery and backup systems. In many cases, they might just forego the protection offered by data backup and recovery in hopes that a disaster will never rear its ugly head. Doing this jeopardizes the future of your business and is an unnecessary risk, especially when BDR is so readily accessible from Sagacent.

Waiting for Issues to Occur
Your business can learn a lot from the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Although, business technology is a different situation entirely that demands a more careful approach. Taking proactive measures to keep issues from evolving into major problems is a viable IT strategy that can keep you from spending huge amounts of capital on replacement hardware, and we can make this simple by providing these services and more for a reasonable monthly fee.

Unknown Root Causes
Even small IT issues can be a symptom of larger underlying problems. In fact, these smaller problems might even be so plentiful that they shield the larger problem from being discovered in time to make a difference. A good indicator of when this happens is when the same small issues pop up and must be fixed repeatedly, as they may be caused by a larger problem. Resolving this should be a top priority, as fixing the same thing over and over again quickly becomes a waste of time.

Security Concerns
While there are countless ways for internal problems to complicate your organization’s security, you can’t dismiss the fact that security threats lurk just outside your business’s network over the Internet. Hackers create threats that wait for unsuspecting business owners and employees to make mistakes, like downloading the wrong file or clicking on the wrong link in a spam message. Small businesses like to assume that they aren’t at risk thanks to how low-profile they are compared to larger enterprises, but the fact remains that hackers often don’t target specific businesses. Instead, they just wait for someone to make a mistake, and then capitalize on that mistake. This is why it’s so important to keep your company protected from all kinds of threats.

Lack of Strategy or Application Compatibility
Chances are that you aren’t the only one in charge of making decisions in your business, so have you considered what happens when your thoughts clash with someone else’s… like your IT department? When this happens, you might run into more roadblocks than you’d prefer, which can lead to slower project implementation. Similarly, you want to ensure that all of your technology is compatible with the rest of your infrastructure, which is something that only a dedicated IT provider would know.

User Difficulties
While you want to get the most use out of your technology, you also need to take into account the user experience. After all, your employees are the ones who will be using the technology, and if it’s counterproductive, they won’t find much value in it. If your employees are using technology that doesn’t improve the way they work, they might suffer from decreased productivity and efficiency.

Even though security is a major issue for businesses, you should still consider all of the other potential problems you could run into while going about your business. Only by taking a proactive stance on resolving technology troubles can your business innovate and push beyond your perceived limitations. Sagacent provides technical assistance to small businesses that want to jumpstart operations. To learn more, reach out to us at (408) 248-9800.



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Friday, 20 April 2018

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