Here Comes ‘the Cloud’

By Ed Correia, CEO, Sagacent Technologies

It’s all over! The most grueling part of the year when I cram in three different conferences into only three weeks! This annual trek always starts right around Halloween and ends before Thanksgiving. But now SMB Nation, HTG Peer Groups and the ConnectWise Partner Summit are all done.

As usual the sessions and speakers were fabulous at all three conferences, but the big theme in most discussions (and just about anything else I attended this year) was the “cloud”. The cloud is name given to the idea of having some or nearly all of your computing resources, servers, databases, applications, etc. located ‘elsewhere’ and accessible through the Internet.

But what is the ‘Cloud’, really?

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST):

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Do you know what your employees are doing on the Internet?

By Brian Renter, President, Universal Information Systems

The importance of the Internet to the daily operation of businesses and organizations has increased significantly over the past few years. Most companies have one or more critical business functions that depend entirely on the speed and availability of their Internet connection. Ensuring a reliable and fast Internet connection has become an almost universal priority for companies.

Unfortunately, many new recreational (or non-business) uses of the Internet have been developed that compete directly against a company’s desire for a fast Internet connection.

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Simple Steps Can Unlock
Business Insights

by Steve Strauss
Used with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center

About a year ago, my cousin gave her father a smartphone for his birthday. My uncle smiled indulgently at his tech-savvy daughter and uttered the expected words of gratitude. Weeks later, he quietly confided in me that all he’d really needed was something to make phone calls “instead of doing everything short of diapering a baby.” I showed my uncle some of the great things he could do with that phone: surf the Web, do his email, check his calendar, shop online . . . all tasks that I knew he did regularly on his PC. Oh, he said, I didn’t know it could do that stuff. Now he wouldn’t part with that smartphone for anything.

It’s surprising how many small and midsize businesses are like my uncle, not taking full advantage of the technology they already own.

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