cloud itMaximizing the full potential of your hardware investments and saving your business money

Virtualization is simply the practice of creating virtual desktops or virtual servers and running them in the memory on a specific piece of physical hardware, usually a server, rather than on physical hardware.
For example:

  • In server virtualization, rather than purchasing several different physical servers to run many different applications required for your company, it is now possible to purchase significantly fewer physical servers (often just one or two) and then run many virtual versions of those needed servers within the memory of just a few physical servers. This saves companies from having to invest in significantly more hardware, saving money, improving system uptime and reliability, cutting support costs, lowering heating and cooling costs and increasing business agility.
  • In desktop virtualization, end users actually perform their work on lower cost terminals rather than on expensive to purchase and even more costly to maintain desktop computers. All the applications, calculations and processing is actually performed in memory on a server along with all the other ‘virtual desktops’. Obviously if you don’t have to buy desktop computers this saves money, but terminal computers don’t require normal computer maintenance and last a very long time so the savings can be significant. Other benefits can be realized in reduced software licensing costs and much faster desktop re-generations should a problem occur with a virtual desktop session.

Whether you're just thinking about what virtualization could mean for your business or already have a solution in place, talking with Sagacent Technologies can help ensure that you realize the full benefits of your current and future business goals.

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