IT Audits & Assessments

Sagacent's '2nd Opinion IT Audits & Assessments'

At Sagacent, we typically bring on one or two new clients every month and we also perform what we call '2nd Opinion Network IT Audits & Assessments' at a rate of one to one and a half every two months. This puts us in the position to be looking at a lot of business networking environments.

Sadly, what we regularly see used to shock us, but now we've become used to it.

  • Networks that are configured wrong - either leading to major security issues or poor performance!
  • Businesses that sometimes have most of the right components in place, but not running!
  • Environments without the proper security, firewalls, anti-virus installed!
  • Companies without a data backup for months, and occasionally years!

Our '2nd Opinion Assessment' is a very inexpensive check of your computing systems. We look at and document 21 points within your network and chat with key personnel. Afterwhich, we sit down with the business owner(s) and key decision makers and share our findings. Normally the whole process only takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Network IT Audits & Assessments

When an assessment just isn't enough.

These are much more involved than the above Assessments. An audit can take a day or two of detailed investigations and onsite system testing alone. Once that is done, we return to our offices and write up our findings. Normally, these reports are in the neighborhood of 15 to 25 pages, loaded with details and diagrams of the client's network and end with a list of things that we feel should be addressed, in order of urgency.

Why not schedule a '2nd Opinion Assessment' or Network IT Audits & Assessmentstoday and rest easy tomorrow?

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