Do You Need Managed IT

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Managing your resources is critical to the success of your business. Unfortunately, IT can be finicky, often creating unplanned expenses while also effecting the efficiency of your workforce whenever your network goes down, a computer fails, or even worse, you suffer significant data loss. That's where the benefit of outsourcing your IT and utilizing our managed IT services comes into play.

What are Managed IT Services?

It's simple really.

To start with, managed IT Services is an information technology (IT) task provided by a third-party contractor.

Instead of being reactive to your technology failures, our IT services take the proactive approach. We watch multiple aspects of everything that makes up your IT infrastructure (servers, computers, network etc..) and prevent the failures before they occur.

How else does this benefit you?

When you outsource your IT to us, everything is handled at a flat-rate fee with no surprise cost.

For instance, if we ever run into a situation that can't be handled remotely, we can dispatch a technician to your place of business to remedy the situation, and you don't pay a cent more. Or if you need a hardware upgrade, we can supply hardware to you and install it at no additional fees. You also benefit from the fact that your whole team gains the ability to contact our help desk, whenever they need support.

Why choose Sagacent?

Most other IT Outsourcing providers incorporate a break/fix nature, meaning they benefit whenever your hardware or network fails.

We're exactly the opposite! We only benefit when you don't have problems, so it's our primary goal to keep you up and running! This creates a partnership that allows us to grow together.

How much will it cost to outsource your IT to Sagacent?

Our managed IT services are scalable to fit your business needs and typically cost less then hiring a full time technician.

We provide free, no obligation assessments in order to determine what would work best for you, in order to maximize your ROI. Check out some of our IT services, or ask us for an assessment.

What can 3rd Party Managed IT Services do:

Customized managed IT services

Not every company is the same, even if they belong to the same industry. That means that the IT team needs to be flexible to adapt to every business' requirements and needs. Once again, you can benefit from managed IT services' experience and expertise that willto give you the support that suits your company and system.

24/7 availability

Not having to worry about your IT system, whether it's day, night, weekends or holidays, is a huge deal. A managed services provider will always be available to help you. They will also monitor and maintain your network 27/7/365. This kind of support allows for most issues to be realized and proactively resolved before they become major problems.

Potential for expansion

Greater capabilities will eventually lead to greater possibilities. A larger and expert team gives you the room and confidence for growth. You have more strength, and power, because and you're not limited in a small internal team’s knowledge, abilities, and resources. Also, not having to worry about IT issues allows you to focus on your company's development, expansion, and improvement.

Resource allocation

Last but not least, having a sort of virtual stuff saves vital costs for other key business functions. Reducing the number of on-site employees could help alleviate the need for larger and, more expensive office spaces.


Technology has become an integral part of every business and industry, providing assistance and great opportunities. A company that will manage IT services can be very beneficial for you and your company, regardless of its size. While they will be taking care of any IT related problems and working towards reaching your technology goals, you may focus on other important aspects of your business.

Are you convinced? Outsource Your IT with Sagacent's Managed IT Services!
If you have any questions or need more information, get in touch with us TODAY.

Are you convinced? Outsource Your IT with Sagacent's Managed IT Services!
If you have any questions or need more information, get in touch with us TODAY.