Virtual CIO/CTO services are where we function as a true technology advisor.

We work hand-in-hand with a client company’s top management in an advisory role. In this role we seek to better align a client’s business goals, objectives and directions with the best available technology to move the business to those goals and objectives. Through our interactions we weigh the pros and cons of many different and possible technology solutions and attempt to jointly arrive on the best possible choice for the business.

Sometimes the solutions involve adding additional technology or changing existing technology – and sometimes (to the surprise of our clients) the answers can involve reducing the amount of technology. Regardless, through these discussions, a client’s business management and the Sagacent support team are better able to see eye-to-eye, understand the real job at hand and move that business forward. We strongly believe that this can be one of the most valuable resources a client enjoys from Sagacent Technologies.

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