What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

What you dont know can hurt you

Everyone knows that the first step to securing your network begins with having a firewall. But once that firewall has been installed then what?  Is your firewall being monitored?  When was the last time it was reconfigured?  What is being allowed to pass through?  What most do not realize is that not knowing the answers to these and other questions will increase your risk of a malicious attack on your network.  We’ve decided to offer a free network security assessment so that you can begin feeling confident in knowing that your people and hardware are doing what they should be doing to keep your network secure.

We will place a security-monitoring device into your office for a few days behind your firewall to conduct an industry-leading security analysis we call a SWARM report.   Once completed, we will walk you through the findings, explain the results in layman’s terms and share our recommendations with you.  And best of all – this is totally free!  We will also talk with you and your employees about what the most common methods hackers use to gain access and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

The analysis is totally non-invasive and should not negatively impact your network performance.  Our device simply makes note of the traffic coming in from your current perimeter security solution.

The SWARM Report Identifies:

  • Vulnerabilities detected and blocked
  • Defines vulnerabilities in layman’s terms
  • Details Internet traffic statistics by geographic location & URL category
  • Lists applications in-use, both desired and high-risk
  • Highlights top high-bandwidth applications found
  • Consolidated recommendation for your business